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The JFV organises a lot of activities during the year. These activities are related to study, career and deepening. Next to this the JFV organises a lot of social events!

You can always sign up to become a patron or participant in the PALS Programme again! This programme has a goal to integrate international and Dutch students. The PALS Programme is going to start on the 5th of October. Patrons will guide participants of this programme during their time in Groningen. Are you interested in meeting fellow students at the University of Groningen? Sign up now!

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JFV Social September


9th of September 2019

JFV Introduction Activity

JFV SYAC First Diner and Opening Party

20th of September 2019

23th of September 2019

JFV Social October

 7th of October 2019

JFV International Excursion

In the week of 7th-11th of October